Gulab Jamun Cupcake


The episode you have all been waiting for (or at least one of them) is finally here: WEDDINGS! From the planning to the week-long wedding events, the Carolina Desis break it all down with guest Kiran Mohan of Sonaa Wedding & Events (@sonaaevents). Kiran, a Toronto native and recent Charlotte resident, shares her experiences as an accomplished planner and what she wants to bring to the Desi wedding industry in the Southeast US. We discuss the variety and significance of wedding events and traditions that differ among religions, ethnicities, and families in the South Asian Diaspora. Staying true to the core ideals of the podcast, we get Kiran’s take on the evident generation gap and impact of millennial minimalism on wedding planning as a first generation Desi-American. Tune in to learn why there are elephants at Desi weddings and how you can get your hands on a Gulab Jamun cupcake!

Listen to my visit on the Carolina Desi Podcast here.